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September 18th 2020

To Whom it May Concern:

I am the property manager of the Meridian at One North Ocean Condominium on the beach in Boca Raton and we highly recommend Seal Wizard. We had 2 cracks in our underground garage walls where outside water was penetrating and puddling in our garage. We also had four leaking expansion joints in the storage rooms of our garage. We interviewed several restoration companies
and their quotes were over $50,000 and involved demolition and major construction.

When we called Marco he came out the very next day to meet us. He investigated our issues and
explained how his product works. His proposals were very reasonable and much less destructive and
we scheduled the work right away.

The work was completed quickly and professionally and was not invasive. The leaks were sealed at
the end of 2018 and we have not had a single drop of water come through since.

Additionally, we hired Seal Wizard in 2019 to inject a leaking area in a residential unit under their patio sliding door, where water was penetrating a withered-away waterproofing layer under the tiles and making its way inside through a gap between the cement and drywall. It was a hard leak to pinpoint and difficult to repair since it involved the corner where all wall, door, and floor parts
connected the inside and outside. Seal Wizard injected the point where water was coming through and we have not had any water intrusion since.

We are very thankful for Marco’s great products, timely responses, and fast non-invasive solutions. If
you would like further information on our experiences or projects, feel free to reach me at 561-367-6858.

Thank you kindly,
Linda Sommer
Community Association Manager
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Office 561.367.6858

To whom it may concern;

We have been using the services from Sealwizard throughout several of our properties in SW Florida. On our portfolio, we have an array of properties that range units from 600K to over 30 million dollars and when decisions need to be made to avoid major problems, Sealwizard has always been there to make it possible at a decent price and with competency in a timely fashion.

The Sealwizard team which includes several highly accomplished workers works together under Marco’s leadership to achieve a quality, cohesive product.

In a world of pushy cookie-cutter solutions, it is always a pleasure to work collaboratively with a team like Sealwizard who is honest, responsible, and committed to its clients.

Best Regards,
Marcello Amaral
Director of Operations

2800 Biscayne Blvd./Suite 1100
Miami, FL 33137
Cellphone: 239-595-4931
Office: 305-672-8724
Fax: 305.672.8726
e-mail: Marcello.Amaral@marquishoa.com

Grove Club Condominium Association

c/o Certified Property Management Corporation
1801 Coral Way, Suite 305
Miami, FL 33145
305-285-6962 – 786-497-4100 Fax

February 18, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Seal Wizard / Marco Sousa

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter about the fabulous experience that we had with Seal Wizard and its principal, Marco Souza.

We have a property with an underground garage, over which we have a courtyard with a pool and numerous planters. Over time, we developed numerous leaks in the garage which we were attempting to repair from underneath, with little success.

One of our board members did some research online and came across this wonderful company, Seal Wizard. The leak repair solutions they offer seemed very high tech and we inquired about it, getting
lots of information from their website, as well as that provided to us after we made contact. After conducting an exhaustive investigation of the company and speaking with several former and current, large clients, we decided to meet them onsite to go over our issues and concerns.

Marco and his team were extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions without hesitation,
proving they know their stuff. Shortly thereafter, we entered into a contract with them and the project soon began. All work was done in a professional manner and without any complaints from residents.

Since the project was completed, we have had numerous heavy rainstorms, without a single drop of
water showing up anywhere.
As a Property Manager for almost 40 years, I highly recommend Seal Wizard, especially for hard-to-reach locations. Their process is almost seamless and very effective.


Alberto Cohen, CAM, CMCA, AMS
Management Agent


I am the Quality Control Director for Moriarty Florida and for the last 15 years in South Florida have had to use chemical urethane injection to solve certain water intrusion problems.

I have used Seal Wizards’ groundbreaking technology a half dozen times in the last year with a 100% success rate and they give a warranty which I have never received on chemical urethane

We have actually sealed a shower drain leak in a shower pan from below which is incredible to me but they did it, at a very high-end hotel where the marble in the bathroom was no longer available.

They are a young company with a great product and I would recommend them without reservation.

The nature of sealing leaks from below, or the closest accessible point, is an inexact science at best, but they are Batting 1.000.

Briefly, unlike chemical urethane grout, their unique chemical composition does not flash off when it hits the water, they continue to pump to the source, and then it cures gradually while they monitor pressure with a computer.

They have performed a few minor miracles for me saving me thousands in demos, restoration and remediation time, money, and most importantly, inconvenience to our clients and their tenants.

Kind Regards.
JP Palermo
Quality Control Director