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Benefits with CL Wizard

Everything on our planet revolves around energy. CL Wizard can save you all the energy that would have been spent over the years of repeatedly having to repair your concrete’s waterproof layer. Nowadays, landfills are creating huge problems with our groundwater, we don’t have enough trucks to carry all the waste out of our cities, and removing concrete layers and replacing waterproofing systems pollutes cities with noise and excess waste. We plan to revolutionize the concrete repair industry by nearly completely solving all of these issues.

The CL Wizard Benefits

5 Years of Warranty

Using our technology and automatic equipment is easy to ensure the efficiency of the services and provide our clients 100% satisfaction and up to 5 years warranty.

A Cleaner, Faster Method

Did you know that construction and demolition account for about 50% of all solid waste in major cities? There is absolutely no demolition work required with CL Wizard, greatly reducing the generation of dirt and debris and saving you massively on clean-up costs!

The CL Wizard approach to solving concrete water leaks is completely non-disruptive. There is no need to "shut down" any business operations in order to carry out the repairs. Business can carry on as usual.

No need to empty swimming pools, water tanks, reservoirs, etc. to fix concrete with CL Wizard. Since you don't need to discard water you save tons on water consumption and help out the environment. There is also no need for it to be dry for us to carry out the repairs. No matter if it is raining or leaking, CL Wizard can fix it!