Concrete Leak Repair

Concrete Leak Repair

Every concrete slab has cracks. Even when you don’t see them, slabs are laced with networks of micro-cracks resulting from common shrinkage. When new concrete hardens, shrinkage always occurs. To eliminate your water infiltration issues. Call or submit an online form to request an estimate. We look forward to serving you! If you are looking for the most trustworthy company for Concrete Leak Repair services, look no further than the experts at CL Wizard!

Slab crack leaks are common with balconies, penthouses, or concrete ceiling structures. Once the water begins to make it past the waterproofing layer it will start to leak. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, such as natural deterioration, installation defects, faulty construction methods, etc. If you are struggling with concrete leaks CL Wizard is the solution for you! Our signature polyvinyl material will permanently fill your slab cracks.

Every flat slab of concrete that is exposed to rain will have places where the water tends to collect. For this reason, there must be a sloping channel in the concrete to direct the water away. Having a proper method of drainage for your concrete structures is of critical importance.

Slab drains are most common on concrete roofs, but are also found in patios, parking garages, decks, penthouses, and much more. The drains are usually gutter-like channels leading to a tube that carries the water away from the building back to the ground. Concrete drainage issues can lead to a variety of problems. Including rotting and molding your home, water leaking through the ceiling, and mosquitos using the pooling water as breeding grounds. CL Wizard can solve all of these problems for your concrete structure in less than a day.

Window Leaks are a very common problem that doesn’t seem to have a good solution. The traditional waterproofing systems are able to seal the gaps around the window frame and glass, but not between the frame and concrete.

Concrete surfaces are extremely difficult to seal due to the natural micro-cracking that occurs during the drying process of new concrete. Traditional sealants have a tough time penetrating these micro-cracks like water can. Luckily for you, our polyvinyl sealant has the same viscosity and density as water, meaning it can permanently fill in every micro-crack water can get into.

Every concrete structure or major construction has expansion joints. Expansion joints are necessary to allow for the natural expansion and contraction that occurs from temperature changes. Without these joints, any small amount of pressure will cause large cracks in your concrete slab.

Although these joints are designed to absorb the stress, sometimes, the joints themselves will crack. The traditional methods of solving these problems are very costly and are not guaranteed to solve them forever. Our polyvinyl sealant is injected into the gap, creating a pool that moves like rubber to fill in and seal the edges completely.

We have successfully repaired dozens of pools after receiving calls complaining about them still leaking even after renovations. This is what we originally started our company for, to eliminate water infiltrations in swimming pools for good.

We can even fix your pool while your kids or guests are still swimming in it, there is no need to disturb the environment with our ability to repair the leak without draining the pool.  Our polyvinyl liquid can turn water into rubber all the way up to the waterproofing layer, permanently fixing your leak. If you are having pool leak issues and the other repair companies cant get the job done give CL Wizard a call. We don’t waste time and money.

Concrete Leak Repair

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