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Here at Concrete Leak Specialist, we aim to bring an honest, positive, and intelligent approach to solving water infiltration issues in the construction industry that nobody else can offer. The old methods of fixing concrete water leaks (injection of epoxy and similar resins or polyurethane foams) were very expensive and only temporary solutions.

Concrete owners were stuck in a neverending nightmarish cycle of paying outrageous fees to repair their concrete leaks for a few years before having to do it again. The key we found to solve this problem is our signature polyvinyl technology with the exact same viscosity and density of water that is able to get into every crack and crevice that water can and seal it for good.

Our passion for customer satisfaction runs deep in our service. We change the game by drastically decreasing the costs of fixing leaks and concrete collateral problems. Creating a dry and healthy environment for your home/office/building.

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A message from our founder

My name is Marco, I am a Civil Engineer who graduated from Brazil and is post-graduated in High-way development. While I worked in that field, my access to cutting-edge research and materials in laboratories brought me knowledge of different areas. I strive for the challenge of solving complex problems, when CL Wizard’s revolutionary polyvinyl technology was developed, I saw an opportunity to bring a definitive solution to the field of concrete infiltration problems. There are many cases of people who struggle with concrete leaks and cannot find a permanent solution. That is why I created CL Wizard, I like challenges, and I’m going to change the future of concrete structures and water infiltration problems.

Thank you.